An E-commerce website is one of the most important tools that your business needs in fact it’s your online shop. Research has it that buyers are shifting to online shopping given the huge number of people who have access to smartphones and computers.

An E-commerce website, therefore, adds on advantages to your business’ productivity, abilities, accessibility, reach, customers, marketing, analysis and branding.

Below is a compilation of the advantages of setting up an E-commerce website for your business :

Business boost

  • An E-commerce website is your Online store
  • Easy to commence and run – Once the website has been designed and set up, you can easily manage it with just a bit of training.
  • Less overhead cost – The cost of running an eCommerce website is very low.

Economical Productivity

  • Decreased managerial cost – This is simply because you can manage the website by yourself.
  • Automatic branding at a low cost
  • Save operational cost


  • E-Commerce websites have high functionalities and abilities. With this kind of website, you are able to do the following easily.
  • Buying and selling – People can buy from your site or use your site to sell their products as they pay you.
  • Electronic fund transfer – Your customers have different options for safe electronic payments when they buy from your platform.

Accessibility And Availability

  • 24/7 – Given that this is an online platform, people can buy, sell and transact anytime. The platform does not go to sleep.
  • Anywhere – Your customers are able to buy from the platform no matter where they are located.
  • Mobile app and system – eCommerce websites can be integrated with mobile applications and even online systems.


  • Global customers – If you are in Kenya for instance, people all over the world can place orders on your platform.
  • Any physical location – As I mentioned earlier, eCommerce platforms are not limited by geographical locations.
  • Domestic territories – You are able to serve all your local customers with a lot of ease.

Customer Friendly

  • Products Delivery
  • Services Delivery
  • Information Delivery

Real-Time Shopping Experience

  • Pictorial information
  • Textual data/testimonies/reviews
  • Video displaying products/ service’ quality

Easy To Analyze Business

  • Display of total sale
  • Promotion and competitors
  • Real-time data of products/service(s)

Brand Awareness

  • Through search engine visibility
  • Through social sharing
  • Loyalty builds up
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